Mark Miller - Tattoo Artist

I started tattooing back in 2004 in my hometown of Buckingham. I would describe my style as a twist of everything, I like to mix things up and not do the same style everyday. I love tattoos in general, so I try to do the most I can for each client. I have many influences, too many to name them all. Nick Baxter, Carson Hill, Jeff Gogue are a few that come to mind. That's not to say I do exactly what they do, but their whole lifestyle inspires me.

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Mark Miller

Chad Munro - Tattoo Artist

As a Canadian, we are multicultural, and I would best describe my style as almost the same; loving all styles and committing to a variety of styles even though I focus more on black and grey. I enjoy spending time with family and friends - sometimes tattooing them -, relaxing with my girl and dog, always drawing, working with people that inspire me every day. Also, teaching other artists the trade and seeing them develop has always been a passion of mine

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Chad Munro

Patrick Beauclair - Tattoo Artist

Patrick Beauclair studied Fine Arts for 2 years at Heritage college, graduating with high honors and winning the program award before moving on to earn his Bachelor's of Applied Arts in illustration at Sheridan. Still in the early stages of his career, he has exhibited his work in Toronto and Ottawa for relatively small scale events. While a pursuit of the fine arts is a primary one, Patrick has been apprenticing with Exotika for the last 18 months and is now beginning to build his clientele.

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Patrick Beauclair

Chris LeBlanc - President

Born and raised in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Chris is a serial entrepreneur, having owned Exotika Tattoos since 2005, has allowed him to explore other business ventures, and opportunities including community initiatives, fundraisers and organizing / sponsoring music events on a regular basis. When not running the shop he enjoys time with his family and pursuing other interests such as day trading, photography and pinstriping. His passion for business and way with people, combined with a winning team has helped Exotika Tattoos earn the ranks of being selected amongst the Top 3 tattoo shops in the area, several years in a row back to back. Something he, and his entire team are very proud of.

Chris LeBlanc