Patrick Beauclair


Patrick Beauclair's Portfolio

His pieces are comprised mostly of religious and mythological subject matter - be it Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Slavic, Aboriginal or otherwise - with a strong focus on macabre, surreal, and fantastical themes. Figures and their relationship to each other, or objects, are a common aspect of his work. Strongly influenced by the classical masters such as Caravaggio, Bouguereau, Gericault, and Rubens, Patrick attempts to bring more personality to the figurative aspect in the classical formula, which seems to lack a diversity of facial features and expression. Therein, the goal to be achieved is the ability to portray any expression believably and beautifully, no matter how extreme, or to not provide facial information at all and convey emotion through the absence of expression. His rendering is an effort in garnering a balance between photo-realistic yet painterly qualities with the sincerest hope of bringing back an appreciation for the classical, figurative style.